Service to Youth Cmte/Asst. TTA Advisor

Parent Liaison to TTA

Asst. Recording Secretary


Constitution & Bylaws

Budget & Finances

Education & Scholarship

Legislative Chair & Rituals and Ceremonies 

Ways and Means


Awards/ Content Manager

Social Committee

Lady Crystal Davis

Chief Information Officer

Lady De Borah Grant


Lady Dennine Powe 

Top Teens of America Advisor

Lady Samaria Lett

Financial Secretary

Lady Dawna Dilworth

First Vice-President

​TLOD National Health and     Wellness Chair

Lady Hope Ruffin 

Past Chapter President: 2013-2017

Chapter Director of Operations

​TLOD National Sargent-At-Arms

​Area II Membership Chair

Lady Kym Elder, President

2017 - Present 

Area II, Representative

National Nomination Committee

Chapter Officers for 2017-2018

Lady Vanessa Williams


Lady Kristin Kimble Chaplain

Lady Joanne Smith 

Corresponding Secretary 

Lady Yvonne Fowlkes Treasurer 

Lady Sonja Osborne

Recording Secretary

Lady Jacqueline Wilcher

Chapter Organizer

​1st Chapter President: 2009-2013

​Chapter Parliamentarian

TLOD National Director of Operations

TLOD Area II Director of Operations

Program Thrusts and Projects Chairs

Special  Appointments, Public Relations, 

Special Committee Chairs and

Selected  Vital Committees

Lady Katina Robinson-Wright

Second Vice-President

Status of Women

Senior Citizens

Community Beautification

Community Partnership



United Negro College Fund

TLOD Literacy Program

Sickle Cell Disease Awareness

​​​Prince George’s County Chapter, MD

Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. (TLOD)

Lady Jaki Scott      

Lady Shelia Ball

Lady Gwen Walton  

Lady Pam Wright    

Lady Kim Andrews

Lady Julia Hardeman-Tsadick  

Lady Charlotte O’Neal  

Lady Ivy Savoy  

Lady Roslynn Garvin

Gorgeous Prince George's County, MD

Lady Monique Mangrum

Lady Carolyn Culver 

Lady Angela Simmons

Lady Carolyn Culver 

​Lady Jackie Wilcher

Lady Yvonne Fowkles

Lady Valerie Crawford-Schiele

Lady Vanessa Williams 

Lady Dorene McKnight

Lady DeBorah Grant

​Lady Janet Rawls-Tull 

Lady Renee Carter